Finishing of aluminum casting parts

Finishing of aluminum casting parts

Finishing of aluminum casting parts


Iruña Automation is introducing a new development of the robotized surface finishing of aluminum casting parts giving the producers of aluminum castings the advantages already available on the inspection systems to check the parts before the process and correct the robot program. It will provide affordable automatic surface treatment technology for nonferrous foundries worldwide.

The Iruña Robotic Aluminum Cutting and Deburring Cell is designed in a modular concept, can be easily adaptable to different casting dimensions and production rates, most of the times to be used in a “plug and play” way.

Depending of required cycle time system can be replicate n-times as linear production line sharing input and output or parts.

Each working cell will include all the necessary tools to finish the part as cutting saw, fixed and flexible tools, extraction systems for chips, and smoke extraction system.

Iruña Automation continues to provide both standard and customized robot-based automatic solutions for foundry companies.



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