About us

IRUÑA is a European company with 50 years of experience in the automation sector.  We are experts in the designing and execution of customized and turn-key projects involving process automation and robotic welding installations.

In recent years, we have moved forward internationally, expanding our engineering and casting solutions in all phases of the production process, manufacturing, inspection, handling, maintenance, and assembly. We now operate globally, in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.


The key factor is our multidisciplinary team, we have a workforce of approximately 100 workers with highly qualified technical profiles, highly specialized and experienced in the sector.

Our engineering team works hand in hand with the clients, offering ourselves as a global partner from project inception, to final installation and subsequent maintenance. At every step of the way, we adapt our solutions to the specific needs and requirements of the customer.

This customization capability, combined with our global network for manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of our equipment, allows us to offer unique and innovative solutions in industrial process automation, at optimum cost and delivery time.



1968 – The Founding of IRUÑA

In the beginning, the main activities were the auxiliary maintenance of the industrial companies repairing electrical machinery, fluid pumps, and compressors. We have worked in industrial sectors such as automotive, railway, plastics, irrigation, wind and solar.


1980s – Immersion in industrial automation and geographic growth

The 1980s saw the beginning of programmable automata and the first numerical controls, the welding robotics and the automation of large industrial processes. Iruña was an early adopter of these new advances. In addition, Iruña began to expand domestically.


1990s – Diversification of activity

The decade brought with it new times as well as new services, as Iruña began consulting, training and distribution of automation equipment. In addition, we began working in renewable energy and the food sector, which allowed us to export our services internationally.


Today – The era of industrial automation and welding robotics

Iruña Automation provides a comprehensive solution,  endorsed by half a century of experience, to the industrial needs of more than 1,000 customers. Today, industrial automation and welding robotics form the core of our business.